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Please call the Special Plates Department at 857-368-8031 and you will be instructed on what needs to be done to get an enviro-plate. If you or a car dealer registers for an enviro-plate via an RMV Service Center (for instance if you are purchasing a new vehicle) then you will get a temporary plate for the special plate request and the Special Plate Department will issue and send you the new plate. A complete list of the more than 40 transactions that can be processed online, by phone, or by mail is available at mass.gov/rmv. The RMV is continually working to identify additional transactions that may be available without an in‐person visit.

Saving The Whales One Plate At A Time

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Everyone loves catching a glimpse of a whale on one of Massachusetts’ famed whale watches. Of all the whales that visit Massachusetts, the North Atlantic Right Whale is the most endangered. It’s hard to believe the dangers these spectacular animals face from ocean vessels and fishing gear. With only about less than 500 individual right whales left, the loss of even one can push the species closer to extinction. Your Whale Tail license plate can make a real difference. Did you know that the Whale Tail plate really helps whales? Proceeds support whale research, fund the teams that disentangle whales, improve water quality, restore aquatic habitat, and provide environmental education.

How Much Does A Plate Cost?

A passenger vehicle registration in Massachusetts is $60 every two years. The special plate fee is an additional $40. The total cost is $100 every two years.

How Do I Get A Plate For My Car?

Easy! Click HERE. The site will guide you through the process and let you browse the different plates available.

Having trouble? Contact us and we can walk you through it: 617-626-1045 or env.trust@state.ma.us

Save A Whale In 6 Easy Steps

  1. Visit The Link Provided

  2. Accept The Terms & Conditions

  3. Choose The Whale Plate

  4. Fill Out Information

  5. Pay

  6. Save A Whale!

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Preserve the Trust License Plate
Preserve the Trust License Plate
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The North Atlantic Right Whale

The sight of a whale from a boat or from the shore is one of the most exciting spectacles of nature. The waters of Massachusetts are home to numerous species of whales but none capture the imagination quite like the Humpback Whale and the North Atlantic Right Whale.


Danger Of Extinction

With only about less than 500 individuals left, right whales find refuge in Massachusetts to feed on the vast resources here from December through April each year. These slow moving animals swim near the surface where they can be hit by vessels or entangled in fishing gear. For a population so small, the loss of even one whale can push to species closer to extinction.


Ecosysystem Restoration

In addition to helping whales, the MET funds water projects in areas such as ecosystem restoration, water quality improvement, and environmental education. If you are interested in seeing where the money goes, a list of the most recent projects can be found HERE.